Focus and Scope


The Science and Technology Development Journal: Health Sciences is dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of knowledge in all areas related to health and healthcare. Our scope encompasses a broad range of interdisciplinary topics including, but not limited to:

Public Health: Research addressing population health, epidemiology, health promotion, disease prevention, and health policy.
Clinical Research: Studies investigating diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases, as well as clinical trials and outcomes research.
Healthcare Management: Exploration of organizational and managerial aspects of healthcare delivery, quality improvement, healthcare economics, and healthcare systems.
Health Informatics: Innovations in health information technology, electronic health records, telemedicine, and health data analytics.
Health Education: Strategies for health education, health literacy, patient empowerment, and community-based interventions.
Global Health: Examination of health disparities, international health systems, global health governance, and cross-cultural health issues.
Mental Health and Well-being: Research focusing on mental health disorders, psychological well-being, psychotherapy, and psychiatric interventions.
Nutrition and Dietetics: Studies related to nutrition science, dietary patterns, nutritional interventions, and diet-related diseases.
Environmental Health: Investigations into environmental determinants of health, occupational health, pollution, climate change, and sustainable health practices.
Healthcare Ethics and Law: Exploration of ethical issues in healthcare delivery, patient rights, healthcare law, and bioethics.

The Science and Technology Development Journal: Health Sciences welcomes original research articles, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, theoretical perspectives, case studies, and letters to the editor. Our aim is to provide a platform for scholarly exchange and dissemination of high-quality research that contributes to improving health outcomes and advancing the field of health sciences globally.