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Objective: Neuroblastoma (NB) is the most common cause of solid cancer-related high death in children. Previous research shows that tumor microenvironment that involved Collagen that plays an important as heterogeneous role in its tumor microenvironment remodeling. However, less study has been described the collagen expression in the NB. Therefore, this study aimed to elucidate the expression of two prominent collagens (COL11A1 and COL4A1) which can be express abnormally in the NB cancer cohort in Vietnam.

Method: We collect the plasma circulating NB tumor cells and biopsies from City Children Hospital HCM city. These samples were operated with droplet digital RT-PCR method to evaluate the mRNA expression of two collagen subtypes: COL11A1 and COL4A1 on five patient biopsies. Internal control is run with GAPDH. Characterisation of clinicopathological traits (such as: age, gender, histology, MYCN amplification and stages) is correlated with the relationship of COL11A1 and COL4A1 mRNA levels.

Results: The results largely confirmed the optimization of COL11A1 and COL4A1 primers and qualified products in droplet digital RT-PCR with internal GAPDH control. In addition, there is a higher COL11A1 mRNA expression in NB than in healthy control. Moreover, higher COL11A1 was significantly linear with high-risk classification (such as stage 3 or 4 comparing versus stage 1 or 2; MYCN amplification versus MYCN no amplification) in this cancer. In contrast, many of the associations between NB and COL4A1 were non-linear. Other clinicopathological traits (such as: age, gender, histology) did not show any significant differences for COL11A1 and COL4A1.

Conclusion: Altogether, this study confirms the COL11A1 could be a potential biomarker to evaluate the prognosis of NB disease. The integration of proteomic and genomic profiling should be added with larger cohort to address the value of COL11A1 in the future.

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Issue: Vol 2 No 2 (2021): Under publishing
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Published: Nov 14, 2021
Section: Original research

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